• John Deere Farm Tractors

    At Patkar we also sell used John Deere Tractors with low hours and all serviced. The same goal that we achieve with selling our vehicles is our goal for selling tractors, and that is;  “Selling reliable quality products”. Therefore we buy newer tractors (demo`s) with tons of life left in them. We strongly believe in the R loader that is more solid and popular with most farmers.  Our prices are beyond belief so it is like buying a new tractor for a used price.


    2017 JD 6120m with a new 631 R loader and new grapple bucket 114 L/min hydraulic pump,540/540E/1000 PTO shift, MFWD, power quad LHR 24F/24R 40K, TLS (triple link suspension axle $10,000 option)  with only 230 hours!

    2017 JD 6155m with a new 663 R loader and new grapple bucket 114L/min hydraulic pump, 540/540E/1000 PTO shift, MFWD, power quad LHR 20F/20R 40K, TLS axle with only 174 hours!



    TLS front axle from John Deere



    The automotive-type exclusive John Deere Triple-Link Suspension (TLS) greatly improves operator comfort while increasing productivity in field, loader, and transport operations.  It also increases traction and puts more power to the ground.

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